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Fuel Management System is designed to effectively measure and manage fuel use in the transportation and construction industry. FMS is usually used for a fleet of vehicles, including railroad and aircraft vehicles, as well as vehicles that require fuel to operate. FMS uses a variety of methods and technologies to monitor and track fuel inventories, fuel purchases and fuel delivered. This information can then be stored in a computerized system and reports are generated with data to inform management practices. Kreassindo offers several types of fuel management systems: Card-based fuel management systems usually track fuel transactions based on refueling credit cards and associated driver PINs. Reports can then be generated based on fuel consumption by the driver, and data can be directly downloaded. – On-site fuel management systems can use fleet refueling services or on-site bulk fuel tanks. Fuel is tracked when pumped to a vehicle, and the level of on-site storage can be managed. Some fuel companies offer a total fuel management system where they provide card-based system elements along with on-site fuel and fuel delivery services. Mobile FMS refers to a fleet of fuel trucks or tankers that provide fuel supply to a commercial fleet of trucks or construction equipment. By refueling vehicles at night when not in use, the company can save hours of work because operators do not refuel and vehicles do not need additional fuel to travel to refueling stations. They can also use more sophisticated systems that utilize remote data collection to collect specific technical information about vehicle use and performance characteristics such as mileage, operating hours and engine idling time. The increasing use of biofuels has introduced other challenges in fuel management. With greater water content, there will be a risk of microbial growth – depending on storage conditions, the quality of the fuel will deteriorate over time, causing the filter to clog and loss of productivity. Kreassindo provides all Fuel Management Systems from card-based to fuel filtering systems that recirculate tank content through a series of filters.

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