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Engineering Services

Kreassindo Engineering continues to synergise our product excellence with exceptional service though comprehensive (end-to-end) after sales service in order to maintain and increase customer trust as well as delivering value added for the product or system that we offer based on caring spirit and culture of innovation that inspire everything we do. One way to realise this is by providing training on how to operate and maintain the system/unit installed to our customers in order for the system/unit to work optimally.

Sole Authorized Distributor of


Optimise system performance as a whole through automation of mechanical and electrical process to obtain performance data through computerisation and information technology.

Maintenance & Overhaul

Regular maintenance of unit which includes replacement of spare part or total repair when the unit is no longer able to work optimally or damaged significantly.


Create comprehensive installation design to optimise system and unit performance based on customer needs and expectations.


Ensure that every flowmeter to be installed has passed calibration test in metrology laboratory and recommend periodic calibration for every installed flowmeter.


Onsite installation of unit by our capable and experienced technician according to the design guidelines, followed by testing and commissioning.

Customer Care

Ensure that every complaint made about our product and system design will be dealt with responsively and proactively through the best solutions.

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As a fast growing and dynamic company, we continue to seek the best people with strong competency, hard work spirit, team player and creativity to join us and contribute to the success of the company. Many positions are currently available. If you feel that you are the right person, please send your application or contact us.