Maxipump Distributor - Kreassindo 2021


Meeting the standard of EU DIN24255 and is used to pump clean water or liquid with water-like characteristic. Suitable to be used in factory, mine, urban water supply, AC cooler firefighting and irrigation system.
  • Optimal performance and dimension
  • Comply with Eropean standard DIN24255
  • Pull-out design
  • Pumping water or liquid with water-like characteristic in factory
  • Mining site
  • City water supply
  • AC cooler
  • Firefighting and irrigation system
  • Casing: Cast iron
  • Flow rate : 2-1100 m3/h
  • Total head : 2-150 m
  • Speed: 1450-2900 rpm (50 Hz)
  • Temperature: 10°C – 105°C
  • Casing pressure: 10 Bar
  • City water supply
  • Mining
  • Firefighting
  • Air conditioning
  • Irrigation
  • Petroleum
  • Light oil
  • For pump with the same model, performance can be enhanced by by cutting the outer diameter
  • Only 4 shaft needed to cover entire range
  • Interchangeable spare parts for pump on the same shaft
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